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Como la gran mayoría de nuestros lectores sabrán, el proceso de aprendizaje en diseño es práctico. (…) al igual que a ser madre o padre solo se aprende teniendo un hijo, a crear una tipografía se aprende poniéndose manos a la obra y peleándose con la apasionante tarea de dibujar una fuente, desde el boceto a la pantalla.

Cómo crear tipografías – Cristóbal Henestrosa · Laura Meseguer · José Scaglione

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At Mr. Jobs’s urging, they eliminated a split-screen view for email with information about the sender on one side and the message on the other. “Steve thought it was foolish to do a split screen on such a small display,” Mr. Christie said.

Apple Engineer Recalls the iPhone’s Birth

(…) but I actually like the full screen view

Jobs introduces the iPhone (39:40)

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Cactus is ideal for people that like to hand code their own HTML and CSS, want to quickly start and iterate on projects, use flexible tools like auto refresh, templates and CSS Preprocessors, want advanced Amazon hosting, but don’t enjoy setting up template engines or deployment scripts.

Cactus for Mac - Documentation

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.element {
position: relative;
top: 50%;
transform: translateY(-50%);

Vertical align anything with just 3 lines of CSS

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